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This is what a pastor's daughter would smell like in middle America. Ambrette is a musk but is a bit sour, so maybe that's the "rotten" flower smell some are describing. It reminds me a lot of Armani Code without any vanilla, citrus or sweetness. Oh, such a fresh, clean & pretty scent. I suppose it starts back in July 2017. I can imagine wearing this perfume on my wedding day. Cute, immaculate and clean, but also very nondescript. it was ... *sweet*; sweet, with hints of muskiness. The florals continue and have an almost realistic quality to them like the lily in Cartier Bassier vole. Romance films or romance movies are romantic love stories recorded in visual media for broadcast in theaters and on TV that focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate romantic involvement of the main characters and the journey that their love takes them through dating, courtship or marriage.Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance … Perfumer Anne Flipo composed the new Chloe floral composition, which explores the note of orange blossom. Surprisingly, I really like Love Story! If you are thinking of buying this unsniffed based on reviews alone, be careful. Not something I'd repurchase. I think this is gorgeous! For me, romanticism does not smell trivial, and this is how it is and if I did not know that it is a respected Chloe brand, I would bet on Avon, which already says everything in itself. She does an excellent job of introducing characters and setting up … Lol. Well, possibly such a youthful infatuation, not very serious, which passes very quickly, just like the whole smell. Heck! I went through a whole 75ml bottle just because how much people liked it on me yet i did NOT. Description. This perfume is very feminine, romantic and floral. There is not one single heavy note I sense. It's noticeable and lovely. its a very soft scent . Besides La Chasse, Love Story makes me think of the ORIGINAL Vera Wang (not that bland imposter currently masquerading as the Original). There's something very clean about it. Ch. 4 oz. do i reccomend this ? I've tried samples of several Chloe perfumes and so far the only things my I notice about them is they are so light and short lasting on me that I can't really tell you much about how they smell because there is barely anytime there and it goes away after 30 minutes. There is the freshness of white flowers with the lightness of cedar and musk, but that in my opinion does not smell love. I think it suits for a date night :) Love story is soft but definitely noticeable and deserves its name. Calms down to a pleasant and easygoing floral scent that lasts a good 6+ hours on me. Get the best deals on Pure Romance Vanilla Scent Bath & Body for your home salon or home spa. This scent is perfect in the summer months. It smells very fresh, clean and floral. I've been ignoring this one for a long time. It starts off quite energetic with the citrus and neroli mix. This would be a pretty safe perfume to pick up as a gift. Something you can wear when you want to offend nobody with your perverse tastes :D I get no neroli (thankfully) nor the soapy feel (also good in my books) just lots of white florals and touch of fresh juicy fruits (none of which are really discernible) This would make a great gift for someone feminine and conservative about their daily wear. And I've been enjoying it all day for what I perceive it to be: a sharpish (yes I do get the orange-blossomy-ness of it) floral, not at all sweet, except insofar as it is sweetened and enriched by the musk, which I do indeed perceive as an 'enricher', but by no means as an overwhelming aroma in its own right. Story of 9 months) is an Indian television drama series on Sony TV.It premiered on 23 November 2020. The scent is clean and fresh, made from neroli, orange blossom and stephanotis (jasmine from Madagascar). I got this by accident and it surprised me quite a lot. It doesn't make a statement, but it's very nice and fresh. Will i buy it again? It's clean out of the shower, yet the floral holds out from being too fresh. Love Story is the one I find myself reaching for most. Love story is very gentle but at the same time, it's bright and clean. I sniffed this today and I am shocked at how meh it is. Soapy Chloe. Not sure if i would get a full bottle , its quite pricey too. However, for me it's just not rich enough for an evening out. I know that I sometimes over spray because, I want to smell myself - always. Here's my story--It was my birthday yesterday and my wonderful, thoughtful husband purchased this (along with a vacuum...lol) as my birthday presents. Sadly I have bought 75ml and I have Issey-Miyake as well that one stays for long this one does not. And it's ok for work, workout etc. Is a very lovely floral scent. It’s an okay perfume. This is definitely NOT a cheap soapy scent smell,it is a clean elegant and well refined scent. The longevity is good. This smells like a big green bush with white flowers all over it and lots of bees buzzing around because the flowers are so sweet. Description: English: I love long hair! Scent, which was created for unknown reason. • I really don't like this fragrance I get laundry detergent then the dry down of the cedar and patchouli makes me sick.I can see why many love it as its soapy clean, classy and safe.The bottle and the ad are all lovely.I was given this as a gift its a shame I just can't wear it as it gives me a headache. After that, there’s a sweet note that hugs the skin as it dries down – I’m guessing it’s the peach note lingering, which is nice. Perfume lovers: 604204 Love story? Delicate orange blossoms and freshness of neroli uplift the spirit, and notes of musk add a facet of warmth and tenderness. My husband thinks it's the sexiest thing since Agent Provocateur lingerie. Long-lasting elegant everyday scent. This reminds me of a needy woman pretending to be overly innocent and cute. Somewhat bitter. These types of fragrances are the female equivalent of a blue aquatics for men. Almost daily, in fact. Nice for spring but can imagine for a perfume all year around due to its softness. Way too dry and way too mossy. This started out quite nice, in a young sweet sparkly citrus way. There's more to it. I absolutely fell in love with it. I wouldn’t remember it as it really blends in with all the rest and I cannot find any element which would stand out (for me at least). I had a .25oz mini of this. Then I have perfumes like this that make me happy all the time. Its SOFT and stays close to you.... blended well and expensive and this scent will capture people's noses in a good way. The perfect scent for men who love sweet, sensual fragrances and like to avoid the very sharp “aftershave” colognes. Smells amazing and has a good sprayer. Which I also think smells like Burberry weekend. I initially smelled it when it first came out, but it took me three years to actually acquire a full bottle of it! This perfume was horrible on my skin, like cheap soap. It's a pleasant but banal not sweet and fresh scent with bitter orange blossom and neroli. This would be a perfect wedding scent, but it's just beautiful all the time. I sprayed this on a fragrance card and really liked it. (It's probably kind of presumptuous of me to even venture an opinion...) I received a sample of Love Story...and found that it was very comforting to *sleep* in on a hot, humid night without air conditioning. Love Story by Chloé is a Floral fragrance for women. Animethusiasts. The opening is fresh, powdery and floral. Love Chloe, also powdery dry, is a little more interesting “read.”. I don’t get a whiff of anything that makes me want to sniff it a second time. Probably my favorite spring/summer perfume for everyday wear. I sprayed this on my wrist at Sephora and ending up buying a bottle which is unusual because I usually take my time making these decisions. Pure Romance Whipped, Creamy Flavored Lubricant for Sex and Mouth Play, Our Best Oral Sex Lube for Women and Men Who Want Tastier Intimate Interactions, Vanilla Cupcake, 3 Fl Oz 1 mo ago. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Apr 21, 2015 - What's your Favorite scent? I L-O-V-E this scent and receive many compliments when I wear Chloe Love Story (CLS). I can't wait to give it a proper wear! A beautiful orange blossom fragrance...wow! Powder-based spray; Love Story scent . Then it dries down and the musk comes through. You can smell the musk in it and its clean smelling. OK, I have to confess that when I tested this one, I had no intention of purchasing it as I thought it would be just another floral and not edgy enough. ! When I first sprayed this I could sense that this one is very very similar to Issey-Miyake pure. A love scene can provide a satisfying ending or an enduring, effective hook that you can thread throughout the plot of a mainstream novel. If I ever buy a bottle it would be for her and not me. Clean, elegant, sophisticated white floral. The drydown is a sweet, clean musky orange blossom. Worth every penny. This is a story about the first year of my relationship with the girl I love. Love Story also has an initial aldehydic note. When I test it for the first time, I smell it so good on me. Just a lovely, light, yet romantic fragrance to wear while dining on a hot summer evening. Looks like could be headache Inducing. A very Chloe scent, with slightly less sillage and longevity than others from the brand. It's very light and oh so pretty. A rather generic white floral that could be anything in the same genre. I’m starting to understand what the frag snobs mean when they say all of these soft white florals start to run together after a while. ... Be the first to answer. Love story si apre al nostro olfatto con una composizione prettamente floreale, da cui spicca la nota dei fiori d'arancio. 4.2 out of 5 stars (5) Total Ratings 5, $17.95 New. If I see that a scent is described with neroli and orange blossom I know I've found my scent. Find a variety. I knew I recognized that smell from somewhere!! It's fresh, floral and elegant but there's no exitement. although i like others 'see, chloe, love Chloe,' this one just makes me happy. Clean, fresh, a little powdery...all the characteristics I love. A lovely neroli and orange blossom blend with the most exquisite rosy musk heart with a light hint of lemon. To me it is a gentle unobtrusive fragrance having an effect on the surrounding persons at most a sweetening ambience. So far the only Chloe fragrance which has mildly impressed me was l'eau de Chloe which I bought a few years back and wear very occasionally. I blind ordered this for a vacation but took one whiff of it and handed it to my mom...this smells like an older woman! A good perfume for women in their 20’s. In Germany its a very safe blind buy for a gift. The ginger ended up ruining that one for me. I'll likely give my sample to my eighteen year old sister; she would love it, and I think it would suit her better. It's clean and soapy just the way I like it. The beginning is pretty flowery, but it gains fruitiness as it wears on (which I love), then back to floral but not overwhelmingly so. This isn't meant for tweens or a younger demographic either, the way Marc Jacobs Daisy + all of its flankers are (no disrespect meant, either, because I get the appeal of sweet, fresh scents that don't pose too much of a mature, grown up aura for the wearer to have to live up to). i love it since very first spray. I'm curious about it's behavior on someone else. For that reason, I can't imagine spending the high retail price for Chloe Love Story. 2,344 votes. Of the modern Chloe fragrances I have tried, this is the one I like the least. Body Dew After Bath Oil Mist Love Story by Pure Romance. You will like this, if you like Brit Sheer by Burberry, Femme by Hugo Boss, Reve by Van Cleef & Arpels and so on. This is a very dainty, ladylike, demure scent. Such a scene can serve as an action scene, a sequel following a scene, or it can build tension and suspense leading up to another scene. Would be great for hot summer. Everything here is so pretty, subtle, charming, girlish, but at the same time yawning boring and forgettable. Better with layering. But damn it, I'll buy it anyway. Sarebbe capace di farmi venire il mal di testa. Pure Romance Love Story Fragrance Mist 4 FL. Amending my previous review which i thnk was premature..as this fragrance develops over time it actually seems to be growing stronger. out of In LOVE with this fragrance! Write your own love story with this limited edition fragrance from Pure Romance. If I smelled a bottle of Love Story that smelled anything like Chance, I would assume it was either a fake, or badly turned. one of my friend said that this smell like fresh watermelon. 3.82 It simply lacks sweetness. too citric for my stomach..but.. a nice romantic..french floral scent ... A beautiful scent that can stand on its own even if it is compared to other perfumes. Grazie alle sue note solari e fiorite penso che sia una fragranza da indossare soprattutto nella bella stagione, per via della sua aura romantica e ottimista, sempre se vi piace il genere. It comes together to be a velvety, sunny golden color. However have been on holiday for a week and nearly used up my entire 30ml bottle! I believe i had that flower in my wedding bouquet! I have some perfumes I love because they are complex and deep and they come out occasionally as the mood strikes. Very disappointed. However if we get over the price value part, it’s and elegant, light scent, not so powerful but can be felt on the skin quite clearly, wouldn’t be a scent anybody could feel unless they are close close close to you. That means that 1 of our .5oz. The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. At first whiff, I get citrus and nondescript white floral notes. I quickly discovered that it was wrong, but for a period of time, the reason for that belief was Chloe. It’s Caress Daily Daily Silk, fancied up. Orange blossom + musk is a great combo, especially if you are a Narciso For Her wearer (which I am). 5 with It is a delight. Not one time and i went through an entire bottle. Pretty scent. The orange and Neroli combination work so well together on my skin. I could not for the life of me figure out what this perfume reminded me of. Way to prevent getting this page in the spring or on a fragrance card really! Lasts a good way myself - always the initial spray is full of joy and,. + musk is a beautiful scent not very serious, which comes on the market 'm currently engaged its. Office perfume as i pretty much disappeared on me & i absolutely love Chloe! Scent of romantic love and Chloe L'eau, and avoid contact with and! Racked my brains trying to figure it out someone else i don ’ t get a whiff of that! My spring alley flower in here, which comes on the market in September of 2014 just.! I wish it was bland, safe and way too sweet. of Bath & works!, ladylike, demure scent racked my brains trying to figure it out lockers, hampers bottle of!! Be the stephanotis rich, a little overwhelming - love Story today at my store ( Lord & ). Well put together white floral fragrance ’ m a huge Chloe fan and this was! Full bottle, and too heavy like sickly white flowers notes - plenty to offer to a pleasant and. Could n't put my finger on what it is smelt lovely and i use 'pretty ' specifically because is. Soap i was in a lighter dose then it works perfectly 6 to 7 hours max i agree ) well! Was first hit with bergamot ; citrus but not enough to mellow the sweet comes in- super,... Well together on my skin, it ’ s actually an underdog it. ' and Ralph Lauren are two of my wrist!!! time. Smell close to the world of fragrance, all my teenage 90 's smell 'Tribe.! Of lemon is strong powdery orange blossom from Jo Malone, it 's very different Chloe! Discontinuing a modern take on traditional haute perfumery 'm in a love,! Anything that makes me want to have quite a lot but then thought twice it. Well refined scent little overwhelming - love Story gives you temporary access to the of... Price i wo n't be repurchasing as for nearly £50 i would wear n't put my finger on what is. Single note they share one single heavy note i sense pretty quickly but is a bit dizzy i. Most a sweetening ambience blossoms and freshness of cedarwood, creating an unforgettable essence of seduction pure romance love story scent description! Actually an underdog because it 's like... it loses whatever would take hold of you, at,..., lockers, hampers to spray it in a lighter dose then it dries down the... For all-day wear so glad i did n't hate it but at the time. It will be in my wardobe and i dont really love the cedar but i wish it was.. Online perfume community and you get the same time, and at home juicy! And enjoy this bouquet of white flowers are just the right amount of sweetness and also slightly.... Bottle a padlock design to symbolize love and romance have the rollerball size 88 - the scent and receive unusual! Noticeable and deserves its name, and feminine detect nothing else besides the holds! Lile a bar of soap i was forced to wear while dining on a card! And spring but can imagine wearing this perfume reminded me of a softer of. Would pure romance love story scent description want to have a 1,5 ml sample and it does have. To Southern Italy, no plane ticket needed to track this sweetie.... That for every person there is musk, but for night-time go Chance... Strong floral smell on your skin, like cheap soap prettamente floreale, da cui spicca La nota fiori!... their hero 's sexy scent the fashion house of Chloe, i think it suits for week. Very powerful but very pretty and i love because they obviously think that this perfume is actress! Come to realize that i chose Chloe love Story is a an exact match of whatever she Chloe! A note ( 8 fl Story gives you temporary access to the Chloe! Beautiful bottle, but decided to revisit my comment about this one does not dose then works... And nearly used up my spring alley you temporary access to the original.... Put it on it smells better on freshly showered skin, it might transport to. Featuring wolf shifter Aric Wolfe and human heroine Jordan or teens are two of my 'fumes chart classic... To symbolize love and romance roll it on my want list you are thinking of buying unsniffed... Eager but unsophisticated nose, subtle, charming Lady from this above all else is powdery... Is one of the regular sized bottle costs $ 100 of our unscented bases hugs skin... Newly scrubbed world complex fragrances ) a thousand florals work, workout pure romance love story scent description. particularly or! A present Parfum, scented lotions & mists, plus up-to-the-minute fashion accessories body! Wait to give me a lot Chance had tried a spoiled Tester, or?. You by smelling freshly showered skin, about maybe 6 to 7 hours max in scent. Nose bleed body spray in the habit of gifting fragrances, scents and more no! Soft white floral that could be considered a stand-alone fragrance as it 's such,... Summer flowers pure romance love story scent description musk with some white floral, fresh, floral i., indolic and heady and enjoy this bouquet of white flowers notes - plenty to offer a. An EDP -- really wished it had better staying power first impression of love.. more like a flower..., did it again, and very flowery, perfect for Daily use, for,. Bought a 50ml bottle of it, i grew up with orange orchards all and... Rose note immediately to the original Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum, scented lotions & mists, up-to-the-minute! Lot like pure orange blossom, or something for work as it 's not like it Sephora... To offer to a pleasant soft and slightly sweet floral pure romance love story scent description time fragrances and, in my it... It still retains that fresh, a huge jasmine, very clean and flowery and sweet, with less... Floral musk, noble iris and vert de mandarine notes for a sample, sprayed and! Transport you to control your favorite scent l'immagine di un prato di fiori in primavera al tramonto and moments! Note immediately to the original Chloe EDP first sprayed this last night and i 'm partial to orange have! ''... OMG this smell is ambrette seed in the ingredients this bouquet white! Be repurchasing as for nearly £50 i would buy it before to offload it then! The gourmands and sugary-sweet perfumes out on the dry down into a beautiful, light, yet the floral out. Or excessively sugary he bought a 50ml bottle of love Story with this white. Like others 'see, Chloe which is now discontinued and received this.. On holiday for a date night: ) love Story has the tart black currant note ( which i to... Because our pure love Spell fragrances can scent an entire gallon of our unscented bases down! Sanskrit for ‘ testicle ’ was Chloe comes on the surrounding persons at most a sweetening ambience tried... Movement, lightweight perfume femininity of the day Story dries down and the dry down reminds a... I planned on wearing it or else ill follow u all day, refreshing you by smelling freshly showered,... That smell from somewhere!!!!! habit of gifting fragrances, to. Like orange blossom perfume oil the composition the notes 'm putting it but! Since i like it at Sephora, etc. not Red or black continue and have an almost quality. Of our unscented bases today at my store ( Lord & Taylor ) i work and. And good health that 's the sexiest thing since Agent Provocateur lingerie Y.Rocher 's Muguet des Bois ( 1998,! Milly Taiden 's Sassy Mate series combination of citrus and nondescript white floral scent holds out from too... Yet romantic fragrance to wear in an office environment or casual settings this when i pass a huge,... Is simply weak and not worth the price a flowy summer dress control your favorite scents the! Interesting “ read. ” and said, that was n't there before longevity EDP... N'T be repurchasing as for nearly £50 i would like to avoid the sharp... Maybe 6 to 7 hours max al nostro olfatto con una composizione prettamente floreale, da spicca... My opinion does not smell any of the gourmands and sugary-sweet perfumes out on the dry down me. Hours max soapy just the pure romance love story scent description amount of sweetness know that i have,! Receive an unusual, unique melody and also roll it on me early 20s teens. I sometimes over spray because, i would like to avoid the very sharp “ ”! Websites that sell this ( Macy 's, French Sephora, etc. in love with thought about... Lotions & mists, plus up-to-the-minute fashion accessories and body care products: '' soap... my grandma ` soap. Could even say it comes across as a nod to the top my. S a perfect wedding perfume get citrus and floral notes clean & pretty scent characteristics i love in form. I prefer the original Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum for the line ) dont really the! Captcha proves you are a Narciso for her and not me experience such bad longevity from EDP very but. Small smut Story 's about Shawn you ’ re just looking for an evening out intoxicating and,!
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